Behind the Banner

breaking down a 500 millisecond online ad auction

Date: Summer 2013
For: CM Summit/BatelleMedia

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Behind the Banner attempts to understand the underlying interactions that define the adtech ecosystem and how they impact the use of the web. The visualization functions as a narrative that reveals a seemingly hidden process of internet advertising that happens many thousands of times on a daily basis, all in the time it takes for a webpage to load. Behind the Banner shows how advertisers customize ads in less than a second by using complex algorithms, their knowledge of users’ browsing histories, and any other information they are able to gather. It helps users understand how advertisers build portraits of potential consumers, and gives an inside look into the process of auctions between thousands of advertisers all bidding on the possibility of getting their ‘best suited’ ads in front of customers.

Produced by CM Summit/BatelleMedia, underwritten by Adobe. Project made possible by CM Summit, New York, 2013.